Google Drive Sync - Onboarding Flow

Project Goals

 - Guide user to sync folders

-  Clarify function of Google Drive Sync

- Define relationship between Drive & Photos


- Complex & confusing function of syncing up & syncing down

-  Misleading junction with Google Photos


- Seek clarity through copywriting and info graphics

- Divergent design explorations

- Rigorous user testing & research

Process Sketches


Process: Welcome Screen


Process: Folder Selection


Process: Storage Error


Process: Google Photos


Process: Discoverability


Google Drive Sync combines the features of Google Drive and
Google Photos into one local desktop application.


These are the onboarding screens, which are the first screens the user sees after downloading Drive Sync.


Here Google Drive Sync detects all your local folders and allows you to sync them to Drive. 


We had to consider all possible edge cases, including storage purchasing.


Here Google Drive connects with Google Photos and allows you to have free
unlimited storage when it comes to compressed photos.


Here the user is able to name their synced device. User tests show that naming
their device allows users to easily recognize their synced device in online-menus.


Tool tips guide users in terms of new features, synced folders and errors.