Reorder Groups



  • Redefine order and regain control over the group list

What Not

  • Organize group types and Private messages


  • Increase predictability and ease of navigation

  • Provide user with clearer “Sense of Place”

Problems & Challenges

  • Users don’t understand how Yammer currently orders groups

  • Our ordering algorithm (aka “Pranky”) is unpredictable for users

  • Groups are hard to find in a long list

Possible Solutions

  • Pinned Groups + Pranky algorithmic ranking

  • Increase user education for Pranky algorithmic ranking

  • Remove Pranky algorithm and simply order in reverse chronological

  • Custom ordering + Pranky algorithm

Measuring Success

  • Percentage of Active Groups

  • Daily/Weekly Group Visits

  • Group Activity: Posts; Thread Views; etc

image (5).png


24% of MAU are not a member of any groups
- 30% of MAU are a member of 6 or more groups
- 16% of MAU are a member of 10 or more groups


Brainstorming & Wireframes


Pinning and Reordering Groups

Combing the idea of pinning important groups and our automatic ranking algorithm. Newly created or joined groups are proposed to bubble to the top (Reverse Chronological order)

When there is unused space in the group list, there is opportunity to add user education or user delight illustrations.


The logic begins to complicate when we attempt to combine the ability to drag and drop to reorder groups, with the ordering algorithm. For example, if a user reorders a group to be in the middle of the list, how would we decide which groups to reorder algorithmically?

group-reordering-03 copy.png

According to qualitative user research, users also expected the functionality of pinning a group to also be available in the group header.

group-reordering-04 copy.png

This wireframe is exploring pinning the group on hover in the left nav.

group-reordering-05 copy.png

What if users could pin groups and then reorder them? This would eliminate the confusion and complexity of mixing the manual reordering approach with our algorithm.

User Ed options

User Ed options

User Education Explorations

How will users discover this feature?


Variations on copy and iconography

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 9.59.17 AM.png

Combining pinning through header and left nav

Mocks and Prototypes

1.0 - User clicks %22Edited%22.png

User education in the group header

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Home Copy 8.png